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    I've been experiementing with different films lately so I thought I would mix things up even more and try photo paper from other companies. I started with Ilford paper back in high school and college and have never purchased another brand. Recently I shift from Ilford RC matte to fiber glossy, mainly because I like the feel of fiber. The switch from matte to glossy is attributed to swtiching from RC to fiber, I found that when the fiber paper dries the blacks on matte end up darker than when the print is still wet. As far as fiber glossy the blacks are consistent in terms being dry or wet

    I'd love to hear some suggestions / experience other members have with other brands of photo paper. If anyone has suggestions specifc to landscape images printed on 20x24 or 16x20 from rollei RPX 25, I'm all ears. If you post a suggestion to this thread please be specific in your post (i.e. size of the paper, film used to print from, genre, etc.), so that other members will understand the circumstances under which the suggested paper was used.
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    the darkening of blacks is common to all papers and is usually called dry down

    there are relatively few paper manufacturers left apart from Ilford - Foma, Slavich, Fotospeed, and Adox are about it. some of those are made in the same factory. Fuji still make it but don't sell outside Japan.

    given the limited choices, you might be better off testing a few yourself. other folk's suggestions are so tainted with their own preferences it is questionable how much value they will be. they won't have your darkroom practices, enlarger, bulb, lens, developer or - most of all - eyes
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