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    Feb 4, 2017
    Martin Connolly
    I think I was too late to post any more in the FiF threads... here are some shots from a roll of Ilford XP2 400 in the little Rollei XF35. I really like, perversely, the unpredictability of this camera. Some shots come out well metered and sharp, others, well, less so! The XP2 suits it well, I think. I may post more over the weekend.

    A stroll around Leominster..
    this one was my fault, took the shot without making sure it was in focus:
    32898599434_818315b1b4_k. Draper's Lane by theoldsmithy, on Flickr

    a shop window

    32898601014_8296b3a38c_k. Shop window by theoldsmithy, on Flickr

    I wasn't sure whether these were for sale or an invitation to sit outside
    33612317031_481999569c_k. Chairs by theoldsmithy, on Flickr

    a few images from a family holiday- a week in Devon

    33612331271_5df062f2f0_k. View from Grimspound by theoldsmithy, on Flickr

    33612328571_81aca376dc_k. Conversation by theoldsmithy, on Flickr

    32898602894_c709290261_k. 000015-5.jpg by theoldsmithy, on Flickr

    32898604664_87b8852a06_k. 000014-6.jpg by theoldsmithy, on Flickr
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    Mar 24, 2015
    Interesting. Those images definitely have an old feel to them.
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    Mar 24, 2015
    Tony's right; these images make me really eager to finally review my two rolls ...