Repair technicians for Olympus OM cameras.

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  1. I recently purchased an OM2 in very good condition through ebay. The light meter was said to be accurate , but it is underexposing by around 3 stops. I want to keep the camera. Would anyone know of a good repair gent in Australia. If I can't find one here I'll ship it to John Hermanson in New York. I still have my trusty Om10 and fed 2 . I do have a draw full of old cameras ,but most have seen better days. Thanks gents.
  2. I made a few phone calls and found no technicians able to take on the repair job. I've posted my OM2 to John Hermanson who runs Camtech photo services in New York. It'll probably be an 8 week turn around , but I'll let you folks know the end result. We call Australia the "Lucky country " , but where're not to smart . I'd hate to know my IQ, ha.
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    Nov 11, 2017
    For just the occasional use of the OM-2, tricking the metering system of the camera might have done the trick: Sticking a .90 density piece of neutral density filter over the sensor. In contrast to later models, in the first version of the OM-2, the photo diode was accessible: it sat at the bottom of the mirror box facing the film. At least that's how I managed to temporarily fix a flash-exposure problem with the camera on a microscope. Great system, when it appeared in the late '70s!) Sadly, an OM-2-admirer with sticky fingers got hold of mine at an unguarded moment - I replaced it then with a OM-4 Ti.
  4. Which did you prefer , the OM-2 or OM-4Ti ?
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    Nov 11, 2017
    The 4Ti as a further development of the OM-2 offers spot measurements as one additional feature. All most welcome and useful, yet emotionally - in 'remembrance' - I remain attached to my first camera offering automatic off-the-film flash exposure - the OM-2: As a microscopist, I modified an Olympus flash unit by introducing its flash tube into the light path of the microscopes' incandescent illumination system and obtained correctly exposed flash photomicrographs. This eliminated long-exposure- and vibrationproblems with any film material then on the market; that was 40 years ago and I still recall the triomphant sense of satisfaction. Therefore: A greatful 'Thank you' to those Olympus engineers.
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