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    Jul 3, 2017
    I had a few Minolta slrs in 2015 and wanted to buy a Nikon camera to compliment my D7100 and to share some old glass. A member of a Nikon camera facebook group was selling a black Nikon FE2 kit w/50mm f1.8 for $100, I jumped and haven't looked back. The camera arrived an needed nothing but a roll of film. I've taken quite a few rolls with it and love it.

    There is a small dent in the prism and the hotshoe is tweaked a bit. I've since picked up a parts body with a mint prism in the event I ever muster up the energy to actually replace it :)

    20141583888_68ab99afa9_c. Nikon FE2 35mm film SLR by Joe Lopez, on Flickr

    Here are a few favorites, see the full FE2 gallery on Flickr HERE

    21193921556_70ea61405f_c. Nikon FE2 by Joe Lopez, on Flickr

    22976657395_9e0b186b2e_c. Nikon FE2 - Don't Brooklyn my Detroit. by Joe Lopez, on Flickr

    32451408146_6f9e32d9eb_c. Nikon FE2 Kodak Tri-X 35mm film by Joe Lopez, on Flickr

    32370410391_e5dae60d9d_c. Detroit Riverwalk by Joe Lopez, on Flickr
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