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    Mar 24, 2015
    When I heard about this camera, I had to get one: f/4.5 21mm-e, glass lens, multi-coated? If it's about as capable as the Fujifilm Classic Neo 90, but sports a better lens, it should be steal ... Well, how is it? I've shot more than a dozen images so far, and I'd say the lens lives up to most of my expectations; the camera - a little less so. These instant cameras all tend to be bad at exposing the sky, and the Lomo'Instant Automat Glass (LIAG) is no exception; underexposing by one stop (the camera can do +1 and -1) doesn't really make a difference. So I'll have to get a ND filter (still contemplating if it'll be ND2, ND4 or ND8) - thankfully, there's a standard 43mm filter thread. I'll get a UV filter and a snap-on lens cap as well - the lens cap that comes with the camera doubles as a very useful remote control that I'm quite afraid of losing ...

    The lens is impressively sharp; I think this is the first camera whose images warrant the use of the big scanner; nevertheless, I'll attach one of the quick-and-dirt (yet pleasingly simple) scans made with Google's Photo Scan (with a tiny bit of help from Polarr - no sharpening, though; I have to find out at what size these images actually look solid):


    A promising, if not totally convincing start - but I'm pretty sure I'll get there.

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