Kodak Signet 35

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  1. This little chunk of late Art Deco style aluminum was my fathers camera. He shot a lot of Kodachrome back in the 50s and 60s, never using anything but the sliding calculator to find exposure times. The shutter isn't very reliable and needs to be cleaned often, but it's still a fun camera to use.



    Still Works!

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  2. Amin Sabet

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    Mar 22, 2015
    Amin Sabet
    I love the looks of that camera! The sliding calculator is very cool also.
  3. Brian

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    Mar 24, 2015
    Very Nice: made in 1955, using "camerosity" date coding. "r"= 5.

    This is the Signet model with the best lens, an "Ektar"- name reserved for Kodak's best. "Ektanar" of the later cameras- not as sharp.

    "L"- "Luminized", Kodak's symbol for coated lens. Like a Zeiss "T" for Transparent.
  4. I knew how to decode the serial #, but the L information is new to me. Thanks.
  5. ajramirez

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    Mar 26, 2015
    Caguas, Puerto Rico
    Antonio Ramirez
    I have two. The first one, a 1956 model, looks exactly like yours (the wind and rewind knobs and the shutter speed ring changed throughout the production life of the camera). I inherited this one from my grandfather and it was one of the cameras on which I cut my teeth as a youngster getting started in photography many years ago. The second one, a 1953 model, I purchased from a fellow on eBay who used to rebuild them. It is as close to a time capsule camera as you can possibly get. I recently had both CLA'd and are now in perfect working order.

    They are very usable cameras, and the lens is sharp and renders beautifully. The camera is built like a tank, but as BromV stated, the shutter does need frequent servicing. It is, however, very simple and easy to clean.

    Some shots from the 1953 model:

    Cielo negro
    by Antonio Ramirez, on Flickr

    La reja I
    by Antonio Ramirez, on Flickr

    La reja II
    by Antonio Ramirez, on Flickr

    by Antonio Ramirez, on Flickr

    The 1953 camera:

    1953 Kodak Signet 35
    by Antonio Ramirez, on Flickr

    The 1956 camera:

    Kodak Signet 35
    by Antonio Ramirez, on Flickr



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  6. Nice pictures Antonio. Evidently, some internal changes were made over the years as well. I got hold of a reprint of the service and parts manual, and found that the shutter mechanism illustrated is quite a bit different from what is in my camera. The date on the manual is 1954. Otherwise the manual was very helpful with assembly/disassembly and setting the focus and rangefinder.
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