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    Another Canon.

    The last FD camera produced by Canon before the introduction of the EOS system. It featured many of the new features and modes that would become standard on Canon cameras, many of which can still be found today. Unfortunately, it had problems with the electronic servo shutter which over time started to stick. Mine has this but only occassionly, easliy fixed by banging it on you hand or a nearby tree :laugh1:

    CANON T90-1000014.

    Canon T90, FD 35-70, Agfa Vista Plus

    CANON T90-1000025.

    Canon T90, FD 35-70, Agfa Vista Plus
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    Feb 22, 2016
    The T90 was a great camera and I may have been lucky as mine never developed any faults in the time I had it. I was particularly taken with the averaging of multi-spot readings. That feature alone made getting a bad exposure virtually impossible.

    I went to the T90 having previously owned an A1 and F1. The A1 died on me when I was mid way through a wedding shoot, never to be resurrected. Thankfully, I had a Mamiya C330 as a back up on the day. Canon replaced the A1 with a new one but I decided to go for the T90 and stuck with it until a bit after the EOS range was launched. For reasons mostly associated with ergonomics, I then moved to Nikon and stuck with them. Their gear just seemed to fit my hand better than the EOS stuff of the day.

    I keep seeing T90's available at silly low prices and I might just have to go for one - even through an additional "system" is the last thing I need. Maybe a nice 20-35mm L and a 50mm f1.4 would be all I'd need to go with it.....:2thumbs:
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