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    Mar 24, 2015
    I keep thinking I should sell some stuff and get another 4x5 monorail and a couple of lenses. I sold mine when back problems seem to indicate I'd not be lugging it around with a bunch of film holders any more. But my back made a surprising recovery, and I'm left regretting not having the camera. I shot mostly 4x5 for 15 -20 years and still have 40 good film holders -- even an ancient 5x7 enlarger and a beautiful Schneider Componon S 150mm enlarging lens. (How I love that lens!) Yes, I know 150 doesn't adequately cover 5x7 negs, but I never shot 5x7 and have a 210 Rodagon for the occasional job printing one. So you're helping inch me back toward a kind of photography I quite simply loved.
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